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Advisors you can trust on the inside




N1 is a collection of seasoned energy executives providing expert advice in the energy and biofuels markets. N1 expertise and relationships can help you whether you are trying to monetize your biogas production as a dairy farm or procure EPA related RINS as an obligated party.





Our projects can be a part of a great offense or defense.  We help clients get transactions over the finish line. We have been sucessful in bringing on line various waste water and landfill biogas energy projects.


Our associates provide services to interstate and intrastate pipeline companies, private equity, Master Limited Partnerships, Exploration & Production companies and trading enterprises.  N1 also provides assistance to developers and biogas producers.


N1 Energy was formed in late 2015 to assemble experts within the energy markets to assist energy firms on temporary assignment.  All of our associates are seasoned executives who have weathered the ups and downs of the energy markets over the last three decades in key decision making roles. If we take on your assignment, only experienced experts will perform the services. We are selective in what we take on, but do so with the intent of the providing full attention to your needs at the highest levels of your organization.


N1 Energy, LLC

c/o Dave Neubauer

6729 Davenport St.

Omaha, NE 68132

Tel: 402-709-4257

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